☠️⚜️ 5% OFF Deluxe Announce [1.8.8-1.16.3] BungeeCord - Avatar RGB, Player Donation, In-game creator

☠️⚜️ 5% OFF Deluxe Announce [1.8.8-1.16.3] BungeeCord - Avatar RGB, Player Donation, In-game creator 10.3.9

Game Version
1.8.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16




Main commands:
  • /acs reload #Load the plugin configuration.
  • /acs reload <configuration> #Load the plugin configuration.
  • /acs help #See the available commands.
  • /acs gui #Configure the plugin from the gui.
  • /acs announce <message> #Send the global message.
  • /acs donate <player> <package> #Send a unique message to the player when donating to your server
  • /acs bossbar <message> #Send a global bossbar, works only in 1.9x - 1.15x
  • /acs actionbar <message> #Send a global actionbar, works only in 1.8.8x - 1.15x & Bungeecord
  • /acs toggle #Toggle disable or enable giveaway entry.
  • /acs giveaway #Choose the winner.
  • /acs clear #Clear all giveaway entries.
Alternative commands:
  • /announce - Open the gui to choose which announcement to see.
  • /announce toggle actionbar - Enable and disable action bar announcement.
  • /announce toggle advanced - Enable and disable advanced announcement.
  • /announce toggle bossbar - Enable and disable boss bar announcement.
  • /announce toggle permissions - Enable and disable permissions announcement.
  • /announce toggle simple - Enable and disable simple
  • /announcement toggle title - Enable and disable title announcement.

Main permissions:
  • DeluxeAnnounce.Admin # Use all available commands.
  • DeluxeAnnounce.Use.Announce # Use this permission to send announcements.
  • DeluxeAnnounce.Use.Help # See the list of plugin commands.
  • DeluxeAnnounce.Use.Reload # Use this permission to reload the settings.
  • DeluxeAnnounce.Use.GUI # Open the GUI.
  • DeluxeAnnounce.Use.Donations # Send donation messages.
  • DeluxeAnnounce.Use.Bossbar # Send messages with bossbar.
  • DeluxeAnnounce.Use.Actionbar # Send messages from the actionbar.
  • DeluxeAnnounce.Use.Giveaway # Create your own giveaway.
Alternative permissions:
  • DeluxeAnnounce.Toggle.* - Get access to all the commands to hide ads (may be useful for ranked players.)
  • DeluxeAnnounce.Toggle.Inventory - Open the inventory.
  • DeluxeAnnnounce.Toggle.Actionbar - Get access to hide action bar announcements.
  • DeluxeAnnnounce.Toggle.Advanced - Get access to hide advanced announcements.
  • DeluxeAnnnounce.Toggle.Bossbar - Get access to hide boss bar announcements.
  • DeluxeAnnnounce.Toggle.Permissions - Get access to hide permissions announcements.
  • DeluxeAnnnounce.Toggle.Simple - Get access to hide simple announcements.
  • DeluxeAnnnounce.Toggle.Titles - Get access to hide title announcements.
  • DeluxeAnnnounce.Toggle.Sounds - Enable and disable automatic message sounds.
  • DeluxeAnnnounce.Toggle.Particles - Enable and disable automatic message particles.
  • In this version of bungeecord most of the functions do not work such as sounds, particles, firewrosk, bossbar, menus, the player's skin contains errors due to the changes that occurred during the version of bungeecord 1.16 (it can no longer be corrected.)​
  • It is advisable to use spigot from 1.8.8 to 1.16.3, if you use 1.16x you will get the best experience of this great plugin due to the change in the chat now you can see the player's skin in full color!​

FEATURED! Create announcements from the plugin gui.​

FEATURED! Enable or disable announcements in the inventory​

FEATURED! Select what type of announcements you want to see!

NEW! Select the language of the plugin!​

NEW! Select which configuration you want to reload.​

NEW! Send automatic announcements in boss bar (Minecraft 1.9-1.16 only)​

NEW! Donation command + discord bot announcer

NEW! Command to make a global announcement

NEW! Command to make a global announcement from the console​

NEW! Welcome message

NEW! Send bossbar messages from the console​

NEW! Send bossbar messages​

NEW! Send action bar messages from the console​

NEW! Send action bar messages​

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