Looking for the Perfect Team for a Project for a Perfect Person

Late August, I coerced a user and someone who used to call me a friend to sell his server "MythicRealm" to come over to work on something with me. He threw something away just for me, something that he put a lot of time and dedication to. The server ended up to have 250~ players on daily, and made hundreds upon thousands each map. He always wanted to do Prison and I kept pushing the idea and him further and further away. Losing his friendship at the end of this was the hardest part. I was selfish, inconsiderate, and honestly just stupid. This is what I want to give back, I want to make something perfect for him to start just like before, in no way should he forgive me, but I just thought this was a gesture he deserves.

What I Want:
Enchants (Pickaxe)
OP Prison ECO
Cell Top/PrestigeTop

A-Z Mines
Rank Mines
Multipliers (Sell Boosters, etc)
Monthly Crates
Private Mines
Tokens (for pickaxe enchants)

or something in the BanditMC niche (play.banditmc.net)

I'm looking for PLUGIN DEVs, Configurators, Setup Guys to dedicate their time to this project.

send your portfolios/approximate pricing below and your discord
Hello, If you are still looking for people please give me a message on Discord.
I just started learning al this stuff and want to get some experience, there for I dont have to get paid a lot.

My discord: Thorgames#2516
@FoundYourFlow I am also looking for something like this. I can def help ya. I am not sure if you have my discord but here's

Krityug SIngh#0001

Please contact me and I will help you build the prison server. I have a ton of experience coding using Spigot for years.

Krityug Singh