Summer Update

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Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well today! It's about that time again that we release another update! It blows my mind to think its already been 6 months since we released and we've already achieved 2,000 members. I am excited for the future as we all grow together and continue to make this a better place. With that being said, lets dive into whats been updated!

6 Month Milestone

Well... we did it! Some thought we wouldn't last a few months, and we don't plan on going anywhere. We are very proud of the community we have been able to form in such a small amount of time. Lets not forget this is just the start. Over this next month we will be looking into event options as well as advertisements to get some new faces in here.

Gradient Release and Summer Icon

Celebrate the summer and our 6 month milestone with a sweet new gradient. This release includes 4 username styles, 1 being limited edition. Additionally a Sun Icon has been released to match the Summer gradient, These 2 items are only available for the month of June, and will return next year.
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Rules and Discord Guidelines

Boring.. Rules.. I know. But these are important as they are the foundation of our community, if you feel a rule we have is wrong please speak up and let us know via suggestions. The last week or so the discord rules have been a bit touchy so we are changing some them and the way they are enforced in hopes to prevent any future confusion/un-needed conflicts. We care about our community and just want the best for everyone apart of it.

Support System

After much consideration we have decided to change our support ticket system. The reason behind this was not only to make things easier for both parties (The moderation team, and user submitting) but to make them include more information overall so that we are able to do our job and respond to the ticket and get it handled as fast as possible.

Minor Changes

  • Mobile optimization.
  • Reputation now accepts unpaid services as valid rep.
  • Quality of life additions on various elements.
  • Server list optimization (Was slow on load, which has now been resolved).
  • Profile covers have been restored.
  • News page optimization.
  • Suggestions have now been re-opened.
  • @hatred promoted to Forum Moderator, @Cyber and @Rex joined the team.
  • MVPs now have access to Gold Theme.
  • Supporters now have access to Red Theme.
  • Banned users now have their ban reason listed on their thread posts.
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