External link rules.

I've asked a similar question towards another marketplace, while I haven't gotten an answer from them about this.
I figured it's worth asking about the topic here as well.

On the official resource rules, it states the following; 4.4b Resources may not collect private information from users.
While this does not fall directly under external links - I have a question about that rule (4.3a) as well.
Does Minemen allow for utm parameters on external links, e.g.


Google does anonymice any PII, and if the external link handles GA correctly within GDPR rules no information is sent to Google without expressed consent.

Also, under; 4.3a Posting external links for the primary download is prohibited. Resources may list links to its dependencies if applicable.
I would like some clarification on primary download, does this mean that the external link may not be pointed to e.g.
example.com/plugins/download/plugin.jar, with a direct download as the user hits the link.
It must, therefore, be pointing to a landing page of some kind with a download action instead?


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Bumping it won't help. Staff have probably looked over this thread and are waiting for BenJ to reply since this is more of a technical question and I believe only 2 members of the staff team are able to handle such things or have the knowledge to answer your question completely rather than having 2-3 different people answering your question.