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It saddens me to write this post but unfortunately, due to IRL issues and loss of motivation, I will be selling my server, Crusader Lands.

It comes with:
- Domain (
- Artwork (3 logos and 2 banners)
- Website (Comes with xenforo and buycraft theme)
- Skyblock server files (also have a hub and factions setup if you want that as well) - a test server will be available to serious buyers, just PM me.
- Xenforo license
- Discord server (42 members)

Also, have a dedicated server from ReliableSite that lasts until June 23rd which will be included if you want it.

SB: $100
C/O: $110 - @shab
BIC: $20
BIN: $500
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Aww man, sorry to see you have to do this Hatred! Good luck with selling, I hope this will go into the right hands.

@Nicholas, not sure if you'd be interested in this, but I would rather ping you for it just in case my friend.
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