HTML Website and WHMCS Developer

Hello! I am Pulse, owner of Cyperhost. Right now we have a pretty decently modified template for WHMCS but I want something special. I am looking to have a custom HTML template that has a matching WHMCS template, so when the user leaves the HTML site to pay they never really feel like they are leaving. I want the very top navigation bar of the WHMCS site to match the HTML, and then have a second WHMCS navigation bar for all the WHMCS links (Announcement, Knowledgebase, Login, Register, Billing, Etc). I want many HTML pages. Some examples being a home page, about page, FAQ, DDOS Protection, game servers (Listing all of them), individual game server pages, website hosting pages, etc. If you are able to assist me, please reply below. I would like to mainly have discussion over Discord since that is the main communicating app I use. Thanks in advance everyone :)