✧ Stellar Bosses ✧ Unique and Optimized Boss Plugin | Special Abilities & Resistance | 1.8 | $15


Sailing with me crew

Stellar Bosses
Mobs that pack a punch!

Main Features:

In-game editor
You can create any boss in-game with just a few clicks. Setting up your bosses’ unique abilities, body structure, name, and more has never been made easier! Our unique system will guide you effortlessly through the creation of each boss.

Unique Abilities
Select from countless ability options for your boss to posses. Loading your boss with abilities will increase how deadly he is when attacking your community!

Unique Resistances
Select from countless resistance options for your boss to posses, making him as tanky as you wish. Equipping your boss with resistance will make him more difficult for your community to slay.





Price: $15
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