AtomMC | Semi-OP Prison | 2 Custom Plugins


Hey, I am the founder of AtomMC.

Today I have decided to sell the server I have been working on for the past few months as I do not have time, nor the money to make the server big. The server is a basic prison server with a few custom features such as contraband, reset tokens and islands to store your wealth. Majority of things have been completed, things just need to be beta tested.

I am now going to show you a few images and features of the server:

Contraband is one of the main features of AtomMC. To gain contraband you can find it in certain mines and it appears as an obsidian block. There is a chance (which is configurable) that you will receive 1 contraband. You can then spend Contraband in the contraband shop where rare items rotate every 3 days and common items which rotate every 24 hours.

When a user hits a certain prestige that can be defined in config by you. The user can reset using the command /reset. When the user types that command it will display a message saying what they will lose and how to continue. Once the player has reset they will get a reset token which can be spent in the reset store.

What you will get:
All server files
All graphics

Domain proof:

SB: $20 | BI: $5 | BIN: $250

Current Bid: undefined

Best way to contract me:
Through PM
Discord: Rooftop#0001 (preferred)​