SkyGuardians | CHEAP BIN

Hello users of MineMen,

Today I will be selling this one server known as "SkyGuardians". This server was going to be a future project of mine but it ended up not going so well so I did nothing with it. I am selling this because I want some small money for future projects and I want it to come to use for someone else. Before you guys go and trash the thread, this is not supposed to be the best server ever, this was only the start of the project which was discontinued. I bought this server from a old friend known as "ItzElizir", he had the same intentions as me to run it but he decided to sell it to me.


[-] Custom Discord Bot (Full SRC+Rights) (Can add small edits/addons if needed)
[-] Premade Discord Template (Supports the Discord Bot)
[-] Server Logo
[-] Custom Keyall Plugin (DM for information, src included)
[-] Custom Freeranks Plugin (DM for information, src included, PEX based)
[-] Canetop Plugin (DM for information, src included, sorta buggy)

1602928990095.png skyblock_logo-ink (1).png

SB: $5
BIN: $25

DISCORD: PorkSkulls#0001 (Link to discord server, DM me if you want to test the bot even more.)