☄️ VorplexMC Network - No P2W - Community focused! ⚡ Recruiting Staff! [OPEN] ☄️

Hello there! Some of you might already know me, however for all the new users:
My name is Seqentix, and I'm a pretty average High School student who decided to start a server that is quite different from others.

The server that I'm talking about is VorplexMC. I've worked on it since over a year now and I'm close to finishing everything. At the moment the server contains the gamemode SkyBlock, however, I'm also working on a new truly unique gamemode called "SpaceWars" and a new custom 1.16.3 Survival Server.

But what makes VorplexMC different from other servers? We don't do it for the money. Our focus is on the community and improving the server. We don't offer any perks that give paying users an advantage over others. We tried to add new outstanding and unique features that have never been seen before and are hoping that we'll be able to create a heartwarming community. The Server is running on the version 1.16.3 to guarantee our users the newest features and a more enhanced experience. I know many of you dislike the 1.16.3 because of the new combat system, however, we made some improvements to the default system and I feel like combat is also fun in the newer versions, it's different but still enjoyable.

Our goal is not to create a server with 1,000$+ Payouts and over half the playerbase being bots. Our goal is to create a good server that gives our players the good old vibes that the old minecraft servers used to have, just in a more modern way. We use all donations to improve our network and are planning to do events like fundraisers where all donations go to charity organisations.

We have quite a few open positions in our team that are avaiable. Before you start applying: The positions are not paid. I don't want to have a server team that is just online for the money they receive. Of course we'll reward good work on the server, but we don't want you to apply just with money in mind, because that's not what our server stands for. However, these are the open positions!

We are looking for:
Trial-Moderators [3x] Moderators [1-2x] Builders [1-2x]
YouTubers [∞] Streamers [∞]
Must be fluent in English
Must be at least 15 years old
Must be professional at all times
Must have an decent Headset or Mic
Must have Discord for PC / Smartphone
Must be motivated and dedicated
If you meet all the requirements from above feel free to join our Discord Server and use the ?apply command to get more information about the applications and what has to be included.
✈ Discord: discord.vorplexmc.org
Contact: Seqentix#4207 | 396752508233449472
✈ Server: play.vorplexmc.org [soon]
I'm looking forward to work with you and hope that you have a wonderful day. Thank you for reading the whole thread - you're awesome!
~ Seqentix

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