Pirate Harbor


Benj looks like a upside down potato chip
Looking for some people interested in joining a project currently starting.

We're a community discord for hobbies and entertainment.

We have 200+ roles and adding more daily. Suggestions will be taken into consideration from our community on the roles we add.

9 hobbies and looking at adding more. Many of these hobbies will have webhooks to different things that announce different aspects in regard to the specific hobby. Things like Movies will webhook into new movies coming out and reviews of these movies. Same thing with music. We also have Athletics which will webhook with all major events happening whether it be championships, super bowls, or other large events we will have it all.

The whole point of the discord is just to create a fun community where people can hang out and talk about shared interests.

Currently just looking for some people that would like to join me in an awesome project. No money is going to be paid to anyone that wants to be on the team. We don't plan on having any advertisements for members of the community or ways for us to make money just want to have a place where everyone can hang out.