40% off all Logitech Products

Hi there
I'm not going to make this very long-winded or go down to the details in this thread - anyone interested can PM me and I'll explain it in more depth.
For now, I'll briefly explain what I'm offering, how you can purchase my service and other relevant details.

Simply put; you can get almost any Logitech product 40% off, entirely legally.
I have had customers who have purchased 4x from me without any issues or trouble.
There are no additional shipping fees and shipping is global (besides India).

If you're worried about my reputation, I've 50 positive reps & 0 negative reps on another competitive well-known forum page which I can gladly share in PMs.
I have a total of 5 customers so far after only starting this only two months ago a few of which are:
Gabrielchamp05#0001 (owner of a 25k discord server - https://discord.gg/fBeNrKRQXg)
rev#0001 (ex-owner of a 10k discord)

I've included a little about them as "proof" as such that they are not my alts/fake reps.

I have a private discord server with vouches & proof, although this is strictly a customer/interested people discord which I'll distribute upon PMing me.
Hoping to find a customer or two here so I can increase my credibility here!