This is my baby. I’ve been working on her for around 5 months. I’ve gotten to a point where I feel forced and demotivated whenever I even open the project in IntelliJ. I want to give it to someone that will grow it for the better and make it into something better. This product is owned by Xenlan, made specifically by me.

I’m still selling src NO resell rights for $30

What does this contain?
- Cooldown API built into the project
- Fully customizable 37+ Abilities (flawless)
- Refund System for snowballs and most projectiles.
- Ability Give GUI
- Ability Reset GUI

My contacts are:

If you dm me looking for ownership proof I can also provide it in direct messages.

Discord: LBuddyBoy#5801
Telegram: @LBuddyBoy
Twitter: @LBuddyBoy
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