Blacklisted Services

Blacklisted Services
What is a blacklisted service?

The term blacklisted service is used for services and products that are sometimes offered online and on other marketplaces that we, as Minemen, have decided to disallow.

What services/products are blacklisted?

- Malicious software/services (Ddos, Dox, Booters, etc.)
- Inappropriate content (NSFW, Lewd, Gruesome, etc.)
- Company TOS Violations

What if I am unsure if something is blacklisted?

Contact us via a support ticket, everything handled via support tickets is kept confidential and asking for clarification and/or permission will not be considered violating our site rules.

What does Company TOS Violations mean?

A lot of companies, apps, and other online entities disallow the resale of their products or accounts. They also often times disallow statistic botting, branding usage, among many other things. We do not condone the violation of any other company or website's terms.

- PayPal disallows selling of personal accounts.
- Discord disallows selling of accounts.
- Snapchat disallows NSFW "Premium" accounts.

Staff Discretion

Keep in mind that all blacklisted services, products, etc. are completely up to the Minemen Staff team and we don't necessarily list everything here. If you ask if something is blacklisted via a support ticket and a staff member says it is, their word is final. It's completely up to the Minemen Team to decide what is blacklisted.