Server Listing 101

Server Listing 101
What is the Minemen Server List?

At Minemen, we strive to be innovative and distinguished. In doing so, we implement a lot of features unseen with our competitors. One of the most prominent being our server list. We allow server owners and managers to list their servers with Minemen to gain publicity, ad slots, and general promotion as well as to reach potential players!

How do I list my server(s)?

To begin, navigate to our server list (Click me!). From there you should see an option towards the top right of your screen that is entitled, "Your Servers". Click on this option and you should see the following options, "Edit Servers" and "Add Server". Next, click "Add Server" and you will then be directed to a form where you may input all of the information for your server. Once you've completed the form, scroll down to the "Submit Server" button and click it to list your server.

How do I edit my server(s)?

Navigate back to the server page and then click the "Your Servers" drop-down menu again. This time, click "Edit Servers". On this page you will be able to view all of the servers you have listed with Minemen and you will be able to edit them all individually from there.

Is my server eligible?

Most likely, just about all servers are eligible to be listed with Minemen as long as they are treated like a normal user account and are compliant with all Minemen rules. If you are unsure if your server is eligible, make a support ticket and we will surely help you make that determination.

Can I remove a server?

You definitely can! Head back over to "Your Servers" and then "Edit Servers", when looking at the server you would like to remove, simply navigate to the bottom right corner of that server's listing and click the "Delete" button.

How do I boost my server to the top?

The server list algorithm uses a few key factors in determining the listing order of all servers:
- Amount of user "likes"
- Amount of up-time and players online
- All information is provided

By ensuring you've filled out the server submission form fully and included as much information as possible, the server list will view your server as more legitimate. Additionally, by having people online as well as having them join Minemen and liking your server, your server will definitely benefit and start climbing the ladder. Additionally you can purchase a sponsored server slot here.