What's up with Business accounts?

What's up with Business accounts?
How do I make a business account?

If you would like to register your team, company, business, or server as an Official Business Account then please visit our Linked Accounts page here. You will be presented with a form to fill out and once you've successfully submitted this form, your business account will be created and linked to your personal account.

Where can I find rules and regulations for Business accounts?

Navigate over to our rules page (Click me!) and scroll down to the "Business Account Rules" section. There you will be able to view all Business Account specific rules; keep in mind that all other general site rules are still in place for Business accounts!

How many Business accounts may I have?

Every user is allowed 1 Business account to link to their personal account. However, we understand we host a marketplace with lots of self-starters and entrepreneurs; if you run multiple projects and would like a second Business account, you can contact BenJ and Spaz via Support Tickets and request an exception. Note that these are only given under special accommodations and are not given out commonly.

Can I add my team members to my Business account?

For the time being, we do not allow multiple users to maintain access to a shared Business account. However, this may be something we add in the future for our users who run large teams/businesses and would like multiple account admins.

What can I make a Business account for?

All projects, teams, start-ups, servers, businesses, and registered companies are all welcome as Business accounts! As long as your team/project complies with the rules and regulations and you do not offered blacklisted services, you are more than welcome to create a Business account.

This didn't help!

If you have any questions or concerns with Business accounts that we did not get the chance to discuss here, please make a support ticket and we will be sure to clarify any information or answer any new questions.