What is feedback?

Feedback is a system in place on Minemen for users to leave positive or negative word for a member based on a deal or transaction. It is put in place for others to view the overall community's view of a user, as well as, for others to determine how reputable a user is.

Where can I submit feedback?

Feedback is submitted between users. In order to submit feedback for a certain user, navigate to their profile and then their "Feedback" section. Once there, scroll to the bottom of the page and you will notice a button entitled "Leave a Review". Upon clicking the Leave a Review button, a pop-up will emerge allowing you to input the information for the deal/transaction between you and that user.

Why is my feedback for another user being denied?

Most likely, it is due to a lack of proof or evidence. We require that all feedback is uploaded with an image or screenshot to prove someone truly did (or did not) do something for you. Please make sure these images or screenshots can back up entirely what is stated in the feedback. If a normal user looks at this image, will they be able to determine that this person did what you said they did?

What are some examples of good v bad proof?

Say you purchase a logo from a designer, if you are leaving feedback for the designer you should upload an image of your payment confirmed page (with private details blocked) or a screenshot of your deal conversation. Uploading the logo file or the link to their service thread/profile will not be considered valid as it does not prove anything about the deal.
Another example, if someone sets something up for you, say a discord server; then you should upload a screenshot of them talking to you about things they've added or done, or a screenshot of them actually setting the discord up... maybe a picture of their profile with perms or a picture of your discord audit log?

How can I ensure my feedback is not denied?

Be thorough. Upload good proof and provide a detailed description of the deal. More information is always better than less information.
Also, make sure you block out any sensitive, NSFW, or private information/images when uploading proof.

Feedback was removed from my account, why?

Due to updates to our feedback system, we are now able to review pre-existing feedback to ensure quality across all previously submitted feedback. If your feedback is removed, you may contact us by making a Support Ticket in the Feedback section and we will discuss why it was removed. If you notice your feedback by a certain user was removed, you may consider reaching out to see if they would be willing to reupload the feedback with more, or better, information.

Who oversees feedback?

Owners and Lead Moderators have access to deny, approve, remove, and create feedback for users. Additionally, Feedback Moderators have access to deny, approve, and remove feedback for users.