How do we choose our staff members?

How do we choose our staff members?
How we formed our current system

Starting out, we opted to run the community by ourselves, BenJ and Spaz, until we decided that opening applications to join the team was viable based on community size and feedback. We opened staff applications and accepted a medium sized team of trusted and active users from our community.

Shortly thereafter, we closed applications and we've since moved to an invitational method of bringing on new staff members. Our core team has done a great job at standardizing the quality and expectations for the Minemen Staff and we now believe that hand picking new staff members from the community will be the best method to preserving this team's rapport.

How do I join the staff team?

If you are interested in working with Minemen, we suggest being active and encouraging throughout the community. Be helpful to new members, stay active across the site and the Discord, and most importantly keep the peace and don't stir up any drama or arguments.