What are the different roles of Minemen staff?

What are the different roles of Minemen staff?
Our team is comprised of community volunteers that work to improve and progress Minemen as a whole, and the community's experience. We have a solid team comprised of knowledgeable and compassionate members that carry out a wide variety of tasks daily.

BenJ and Spaz work together to ensure the community experience is nothing short of exceptional, both contributing in multiple ways and dedicating a lot of hours into Minemen. Julius assists primarily with logistics, staff management, and site upkeep/administration to make the community side of things run smoothly.


Next up, we have our Moderation team which is comprised of a few types of Moderators. Starting off with our Chat/Discord Moderators, these guys keep our community chats and discussions on topic and community friendly. Next up, our Forum Moderators who are always monitoring chats, discussion, and threads on the website. Additionally, Resource Moderators check in and validate the resources submitted to Minemen ensuring they are compliant and safe for others. Finally, we have our Feedback Moderators who sort through Feedback created between users, ensuring reputation is upheld throughout the community and that people truly know who to trust, and who to steer clear of.
Lastly, our Dispute Moderators. These are the team members keeping our community safest. Deciding on matters than make or break the community and handling reports of malicious intent from users within the community.