Minemen's Anti-Piracy Placeholders

Minemen's Anti-Piracy Placeholders
Minemen's Anti-Piracy Placeholders

Minemen wants to protect all plugin author’s content from being leaked or pirated. In order to achieve this, we have implemented additional anti-piracy measures for our premium plugin authors. These placeholders allow authors to identify the exact user as well as the resource that has been leaked if a situation does occur.

Please keep in mind our anti-piracy system is simply a discouragement method for minimizing the risk of resource and plugin leaks, however, you should understand that almost anything is able to be cracked if someone is truly determined and has the right skill sets.


How to implement them

Adding these anti-piracy measures to your plugin is quick and easy! These values are replaced in a string once the plugin is compiled and uploaded by using the following code:
String myUserString = "Minemen Anti-Piracy"
    + "\nYour user ID is %%__USER__%%"
    + "\nThis resource ID is %%__RESOURCE__%%"
    + "\nAnd the unique download ID is %%__NONCE__%%";
Once installed, user information will be obtained and placed into their respective placeholders whenever purchased and/or downloaded.

Special thanks to @Badbones69 for helping test the system out!